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6 Year Old Boy

Hi I have a 6 year old son who is a typical boy and i deal with that ok. My problem is whenever someone (it may be relatives, friend or unknown person) comes round he plays up. Yes i do expect him to be slightly excitable to start with but this continues throughout there stay. He starts by running about then it goes into random rude words - genrally showing off! As soon as it starts i warn him this is not acceptable behavior before a scene starts but he just can't help himself. I finding myself putting him in another room before anyone comes round even if its grandparents waring him of the trouble he will be in. Of course as soon as they are gone hes sorry and knows hes done wrong but how many more times can this continue before no one comes to ses us anymore!!! Please help any advice or recommendations would be great!!

Re: 6 Year Old Boy

My son is grown up now, but I often found that if I gave him undivided attention for 15 minutes regularly, this would change all sorts of behaviours for the better. In my case my son used to kick people at school and generally was rude so ended up being put into another room at school and me telling him off. Eventually, on the advice of the school I used to sit at the end of his bed once he had gone to bed and I would just listen to him talk about anything he wanted to talk about, almost without interruption, only slight prompting and I listened very carefully and interestedly for about 15 mins. I did this every night for a few weeks until he began to calm down and then did this occasionally if things kicked off again. In fact whenever there was "trouble" of any kind this often made the problem a lot better. Hope this helps.