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Help please


My step son is 11 years old and has been punished at school again because of his behaviour. In class he starts singing, making noises or tapping a pen/pencil. When asked to stop, he seems to not realize he is doing it, and then minutes later, he will carry on making noise. The teacher is finding this very hard work and has said that his high school will not put up with this behaviour (he starts in September)

He also does this at home. I have a 5 month old baby and his bedroom is next to my sons. When asked to quieten down he does but then he will start making noises or singing. He's even argued with me at one point denying he was making noise when I was next door listening to him!

He has had allot of problems since the split of his parents, seeing counsellors to try and help with the anger and hurt.

Has anyone heard of any similar situations or can anyone shed some light as to why he's doing this, or if this is a condition?
Any advice I would be grateful.