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I need help with my 6yr old boy!!!

I have a 6 year old boy, and i don't know what's going on with him. Whilst he was at pre-school he was picked on as he was taller then them and unfortunately his teachers only saw him confront his bullies not the other way round. We thought that he would enjoy "big school" better as we were told that he was quite bright and he needed more 1 to 1 to encourage him. Everything was going well until about 6 months ago. We started getting reports that he was getting disruptive in class and ignoring the teacher, we just thought he was just being 6. Unfortunately since then my husband and i have been going through some problems with our housing situation but we have tried to keep it from our son. We know it's affected him, but we don't know what to do. The reason i'm now asking for help is that i'm now on anti-depressants and i've always been the one to talk to my son about his problems but i feel unable to as i get very emotional very quickly now which i know is not good for him. I've just had another report from school as he's hidden someones lunch yesterday and didn't own up plus he ran off when they said he couldn't go out to play and apparently pushed into someone when getting his coat to come home. The only thing he has to say for himself is my brain told me and i don't know how to stop!
So if anyone could help i would be SOOOOO grateful!!!!!!

Re: I need help with my 6yr old boy!!!

I am having the same problem with my 6 year old boy, which by no means is saying that it is "normal" or ok. There are 4 other children in his class with similar (or worse) behavioural problems, and they even hired a special assistanct teacher to deal with these children. My son is to the point where they said he will not move onto grade 1 if he doesn't get a handle on it. Things such as running out of the classroom, generally not listening, and getting upset over very simple things. He was never like that before school started (on his first day he CRIED when he had to GET OFF the school bus to come HOME *lol*) but now he dreads going in the morning. He just keeps saying "My brain can't do it. I CAN'T listen". I don't know how to handle it - they told us that he has the "smarts" of a child in grade 2 and is very advanced with math, reading, writing, etc. He is very intelligent; moreso than most kids his age. But his behaviour has become a huge issue. My husband and I try not to argue in front of him on how to deal with it. We have a great home/family life and are happy as husband and wife. We have tried organized team sports to see if this would help with his behaviour, but whenever there are multiple children and adults he just seems to want to talk above everyone and be the centre of attention. We do have 2 other children and he is the oldest. I am now also running into trouble with my 4 year old since he has started nursery with him talking back BIG TIME to me. I don't think these are "normal" behaviours, and I can't let it continue. Would really appreciate if anyone out there has advice for myself and Kim. =)

Re: Re: I need help with my 6yr old boy!!!

i cant believe there r others out there with the same problem. I thought it was me doing something wrong. My boy was f9 at nursery since joining school, he has become disruptive and the teacher says he has a "i dont care" attitude.He has this at school and home. He has had his DS taken away but he doesnt care, there is nothing that motivates him.Im told he punched a P4 boy and he is P1. I feel as he doesnt speak up about y he attacks others, and therefore gets the blame, i could be wrong please just help.