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5 yr old urinating in room.

Today my son urinated into the toilet roll holder nex to the toilet. After i had told him off for it he apologised and said he wouldnt do it again. Then less than an hour later i found he had done it again in a toy box. he said he had just done it.
Im worried because he was doing this about 6 months or so ago and thought he had stopped.
Has any one else had this problem and should i be so worried?

Re: 5 yr old urinating in room.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. He's discovered how easy it is to urinate in places other than the toilet and it's a new game to him. Don't make too much fuss about it and he'll probably tire of it.

You might even find it useful in the future - the next time he needs to go while you are out and there are no toilets nearby he will have no problem urinating into a drain or an empty drinks bottle. Some children would rather wet their pants than urinate into anything other than a toilet.