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I've made a mistake

I'm a single parent to 4 children, the eldest of whom is almost 13. She is quite challenging - disrespectful, rude, non-compliant etc. which I accept is partially due to age/hormones but I feel is getting out of control. I've tried grounding/withdrawal of privileges/pocket money etc. and have also tried rewards. Nothing seems to be working.
Eventually today after a long mornings battle to make her bed and her calling me a 'freak',(amongst other things) I told her quite calmly that if she didnt want to be respectful of me and her siblings and our property and do as I asked that she could leave as I would not tolerate this behaviour.
I accept I shouldn't have said this but serioulsy felt that I was going to really lose my temper with her and a bit of space was needed.
She's at my mothers at the moment.