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Re: 11 year old Grand Daughter

I grew up with my aunt and uncle my mother went to prison when I was young, I was a horrible child. Get her to talk to you with no rule let her say or tell you any thing she wantswith no thought of this will make them mad. she is just like me stuffing her emotions, I would bet. Jesus helped me the most in life but I didnt have a real experince with him untill I was grown. some people can have very intenst emotions and it will make you hate every one and sometimes even make you want to die, just because of your emotions. I would find something she likes to talk about[even if its boys] and get her to open up so you can probe to see how her emotions are making her feel

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We have custody of our grandchildren. 11yr.GD, and 13yr.GS. Our GD behaviour is awful. Everything is a fight with her, from getting up in the morning, going to bed at night, and everything in between. She doesn't mind, argues about everything, fights with everybody, hates her family, hates her life and it's all my fault.(according to her) We are at our wits end. Any tips, helpful hints, anything??!!!