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Re: Sleeping in my bed

As long as she's letting you sleep I'd let her sleep in your bed. The problems with getting them into their own later is when its made an issue of, they are looking for a bit extra security and once they've had it they'll toddle of to there own beds with no problems. (Tried and tested on 4 of my own)

If she isn't letting you sleep thats different, you need sleep too so I would use a star chart to reward her for staying in her bed rather than taking away priveleges.

Re: Sleeping in my bed

Your daughter may need abit extra security at night, have you tried her sleeping with her favourite bear or doll. Or that doesn't work how about letting her take a piece of your clothing in her bed, that way it has your sent on.
But I would strongly advise against her sleeping in your bed, as you will have a bad time trying to get her out!!