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Re: My 5yr old granddaughter

What does she do at home that you have to tell her off for? Is it the behaviour at school? If it is, I wouldn't tell her off again, its being dealt with in school, and thats enough. If its bad behaviour at home I'd follow suit with the school, have a chat with them so they can explain fully the method there using and put it into action at home to, that way shes got consistency.

I honestly wouldn't worry about walking on her toes, kids do quirky things and unless a doctor thinks its a problem I'd put it down to that.

Re: My 5yr old granddaughter

it sound s like the child may be around someone in her life that may act the same way like mabye her parents or someone else that she may look up to so you may want to look at the people around her and see if mabye they should watch how they present them selfs because children learn by example