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being a step-parent to a 20 yr old

My stepson moved in with us suddenly in May - three weeks after my father died. He didn't ask to move in with us, he just appeared having borrowed keys off my stepdaughter who has lived here for a couple of years. (He had been thrown out by his mother a couple of years back, and lived with his girlfriend for a while. Then, after being at a series of temporary addresses he had been thrown out of where he'd been staying, after a friend's mother returned from holiday.)

Although he has just done his first term at university, my partner and I are vaguely concerned about his behaviour. He's very chaotic, and disorganised and argues endlessly with his girlfriend. Because she lives locally he has returned from university several times to see her. He is permanently short of money. He's fond of hanging out in pubs, smokes roll-ups and spliffs. Often he will stay out/up all night and sleep most of the day. He loses quite a lot of possessions, and seems to find it impossible to keep us informed - even in the most general way - about his comings and goings.

I do not know how much this is normal/par for the course. I am also vaguely worried about the poor example he is setting to my 11 year old daughter.

I would welcome any comments on this one.