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Re: christmas present

I have children of both sexes and so it was easy for my boy to play with dolls etc. It's not a problem. My friend who has 3 boys did buy a doll etc for one of her boys as he really liked them. It encourages caring etc... all things his future wife will thank you for!!!!!
My friends boy is now a football mad 7 year old.... a typical boy.
I know Dad's often have problem with it... but it won't be damaging to him to have a doll....In fact it'll probably do him good.

Re: Re: christmas present

My son is 5 and he has a doll too, he also does all the normal boys stuff so if its what he wants I would go with it...don't those dolls come in boys versions? Could be a compromise?

Re: Re: Re: christmas present

hi we bought the boy doll , he does like the usual cars etc too ,thankyou for your comment ,its nice to know that he isnt the only boy wanting a doll