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sleepover birthday parties

My daughter is 10 and has been invited to a sleepover birthday party. I just found out is both boys and girls and am not feeling comfortable with this. Would like to hear points of view from other parents.

Re: sleepover birthday parties

Do you know the family of the party holder? If so, you could enquire as to the sleeping arrangements/ supervision.
At 10, if the children are happy in the same room.... well it'll be pretty innocent.
I have a 10 year old daughter and her frends only invite girls over... BUT, we have some really close family friends who live a long way away and when they come to stay, the children all sleep in the same room.... my 12 year old son's room, which is huge. This has been going on years... and the children range from 10 to 14 (5 of them). The other mother and I have discussed when this would have to stop.... but I've noticed with my eldest she very rarely chooses to sleep in the big room now.... she sort of chose for herself when she didn't want to be there. The others all now get changed in separate rooms.... but we figured we didn't want to stop them sleeping in the same room. It's not as if it is an opportunity for anything dodgy to happen as there are more than 2 children in the room. I don't want to stop anything that actually is wholesome and healthy at the moment by my own hang ups.
However, if I had children at a sleepover that I didn't know well, of different sexes, I would probably make them sleep in separate rooms.