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Child favouring one parent !!! Advice please

My friends 2 yr old boy is favouring his father, she is very upset about this and needs to know if anyone else has experienced this and what to do ????

Thank you

Re: Child favouring one parent !!! Advice please

hi there,
My son is 2 and a half. We have recently gone through this (and still are to a certain extent) but with him being clingy towards me & not liking Daddy. He would ignore him and shout NO if he spoke to him, wouldn't say hello/goodbye. We didn't make too much of it, didn't exactly ignore it, but just told him to sit quietly on his own if he wasn't ready to talk to Daddy while we spoke to each other. We didn't force him to say hello/goodbye and basically hoped that it would blow over. BUT I did push them both to have time together on their own and that did seem to help.
I know this hasn't given you much help, but I guess I'm saying don't take it to heart, and it will (like most toddler phases!) blow over soon enough.
Hope this helps, Sarah