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6 yr old keeps sniffing his fingers will all prob think this is a daft thing but it is driving me nuts!! My 6 year old son keeps sniffing his fingers, all the time, every time he touches anything, scratches his head, playing with toys etc etc

I have tried telling him not to do it, but most of the time I dont think he is even aware he does it.

Has anyone else experienced similar and can help? pleeeease.....!

Re: 6 yr old keeps sniffing his fingers

Hopefully you'll get this, I see your post is several weeks old. Sounds to me like an obsessive compulsive thing. Bet it started as a simple thing and eventually turned into a habit. Does he have other obsessive tendencies?? If not, then maybe you can figure out a way to remind him without nagging when he does it (easier said than done!). Unless of course he has other tendencies in which case, you may want to see a therapist so he can learn to adjust to OCD.