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clingy toddler

hi there everyone,
My son is 2 and a half. He's a bright, healthy, happy boy (most of the time!) Recently, he's become really clingy with me (His Mum)and won't let me out of his sight, wants me to do everything with/for him, cries when I go to the toilet even! To make matters worse, he seems to have gone off his Dad - won't talk to him, give him hugs etc. He's never been clingy before, and I'm just not sure how to handle it - do I give in and stay with him all the time? Or should I be 'harder'?
We moved house a month ago, and it's really been since then...should I assume it's because of the move and think that it'll blow over as he settles?
Any advice on handling it in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks, Sarah