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Circle time stress

I have just started attending messy play and chatterbox with my 16 month old son and he loves going. The only thing is i'm finding circle time a bit stressful as he doesnt want to sit still and listen to a story or sing a rhyme; he wants to be up and about looking at all the interesting activities. If i try and get him to sit still and listen he gets frustrated and wants to be "doing". I spoke to the teacher and she said its fine to let him wander about as long as he is safe. I tried this today and it was fine, but i was watching all the other children and they were sitting still and i wonder why mine doesnt! What do you guys think? He wont be going to nursery for a year or so, so i suppose by then he will sit still....but am i setting him up for more difficulties if i dont make him sit still? P.s Other than this he's a well behaved boy; just very curious. We read books together at home and sing, but at playgroup he's not bothered unless theres a drum/instrument involved!!

Re: Circle time stress

Hi, exactly the same thing happened to me with my daughter at a simalar thing, she was 18 months at the time. She is still hyper and jumps around everywhere and she's 4 soon. I notice that other children are not as fully charged as her, she natters constantly. She jumps all over the furniture all the time, has tantrums in shops and is realy aggressive towards her little brother. I do all the right things with reward charts, spending one to one time with her, and disciplining her by putting her in time out but nothing works. Alls i get from people when i raise my concerns is that there isn't a problem.

Re: Re: Circle time stress

Hello, thanks for replying. Nice to know I'm not the only one it happens too!! I'm sure there is no problem with your daughter at all and that people are right when they say so...its just not easy when you're going through it and you feel like the only one. I expect shes testing the boundaries...something im sure i'll go through too before long. I expect shes also finding her place in the world again since arrival of little bruv. Dont worry im sure she'll twig that tantrums dont deliver....dont worry wot people think in shops..stay consistent and dont give in...your daughter sounds a sparky little thing and will probably make a great leader one day. How great is that! Don't beat yourself up or worry what other people are thinking. Be kind to yourself and know that you will all pull through. Love sara xx