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help my whole family is out of control

I am the mother of 4 healthy children. My oldest is 6, then comes twin boys that are almost 4 and a 2 yr old.We are having this major problem with my kids sneaking out of their rooms at 6 in the morning and completely trash and destroy my house and I don't even know that they are awake. This morning they dumped and entire box of cereal all over the basement and squashed it up. They take things out of the fridge and they are just all around destructive. They break things they write on walls. Help i don't know what to do? ANY HELP PLEASE I AM WILLING TO LISTEN TO ANYONE

Re: help my whole family is out of control

Wow, poor thing. They are just board and are being creative in child like ways. They don't have desire for order. That's natural.

Get some help. Sleep in their room so you know when they wake up, and keep them busy and happy. You will have to learn some skills with so many so close in age. Try Aldort's books and CDs. They helped me a lot. Also, How to talk so kids will listen.