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is he depressed?

As soon as my 3 yr old boy started daycare this yr, he identified a friend who liked most of the things he liked and became obsessed abt him. he wanted to sit next to him, follow him everywhere around, draw like him and he was only talking abt him. his teacher was even complaining that if for any reason he cant manage to sit next to him, he would throw a tantrum and refuse to start any activity. the boy was ok with that at the beginning and they were having a good time together. now i think he got fed up with being shadowed all the time that he is constantly pushing my son away and this is seriously affecting my son. he is always sad, he keeps telling me when i ask him abt his day at school that he cried because that boy said he doesnt like him. i tried to explain to him that he can have fun with his other classmates, i have invited over plenty of other classmates and although he plays with them, he does not seem to be having really fun and he keeps talking abt that other boy. i am seriously worried abt him, the situation is making him miserable and is seriously affecting him. what can i do?why is this happening?

Re: is he depressed?

This is a good sign that he is healthfully attached to you. Going to daycare, he promptly looked for someone else to be healthfully attached to.

His need for a one to one close bond and healthy and the need must be met. Keep him at home with you. Day care is not the best thing for him.

I learned this in a workshop with Doctor Aldort. I learned to read my children's behavior cues so I know how to respond. What I read in your child is a need to be with mom. Take him back home. In a while he will be himself again. When he is ready for peers and time away from you, he will play with many kids.