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Re: Re: my 2yr old is out of conrol

thank you for your advice i am going to go to my health visitor i have been putting it of a bit as anytime he sees a doctor or even walks into the surgery he goes mad. He does swallow toothpaste when i brush his teeth he always wants the brush with more paste but i have put an end to that. I will look into that sensory integration dysfunction i never heard of it thanks

Re: my 2yr old is out of conrol

He may allergic to wheat, corn, soy, or other foods. But, I have a better idea. Why don't you just let him sleep with you? Read the book, The Family Bed. It will convince you that it is natural and the best for young children. He will sleep and then you will sleep.

As for songs and stories, some kids are not into it and want to run around. That's fine. But check for allergies.
I wouldn't worry about sensory integration. Going to be checked about such things can only get you in trouble. He probably is just full of life.

Re: my 2yr old is out of conrol

Linda, I find your comment about sensory integration a bit bizarre..... My son has sensory integration issues and actually discovering this didn't get me or him into trouble... it helped me and others who have contact with him understand what makes him tick....It helped me see that he couldn't help some of his behaviour that others were labelling as 'naughty'and an excellent OT helped his school teacher and me by giving us strategies to help him feel better... so when he was 'all over the place' in school, he was to be sent outside for a run around as he needs more sensory stimulation than other children. He was given small things in his pocket for him to fiddle with.... all non-drug interventions that are small and worked at that time. For some people having your child to sleep in your bed might help, for others it might not work... for my son, getting the label of 'sensory integration issues' helped at the time. He is now a well adjusted 12 year old who doesn't overly fidget etc who is doing just fine with dyspraxia and sensory integration issues. His 'label' has been good thing for him. He gets the help and understanding he needs and he is happy and confident.