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10year old is he Dislexic

My 10 year old son has always appeared to do well at school, but over the last few weeks we have become aware that he is struggling with retaining what he has been taught at school. Homework is a thankless task as we are having to go back to basic's to explain how he gets the answer. He does not like to be given more than one instruction at a time. I have asked the school to test him for Dislexia, but I have been told that the test would not prove that he is or isn't. We are concerned as he has SATs next May 09. He is popular at shool but constantly digs at his sister, will not do as he is told and tells lies.
Can anyone suggest anything?

Re: 10year old is he Dislexic

If you can afford it, you can get a private educational psychologist to do an assessment on your son. There are tests that can ascertain whether your son is dyslexic. However, I would imagine if he was dyslexic, he would have struggled with reaing and writing before now. Is it a memory issue or is he struggling with spelling and writing all of a sudden? Talk to the school again, explain your concerns.

Re: Re: 10year old is he Dislexic

Hi Nikki, Thank you for your reply. It is reading and spelling all of a sudden that he is truggling with. I have open evening this week, I am hoping they can give me more answers. He is currently having a private tutoring lesson but I have not told school as he does not want me too, also if I tell them they may just let him plod along.