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My daughter is 8 yrs old and is being bullied by what used to be her best friend and the mother!!
The mother has been into school complaining that my daughter has a bad attitudeand wants my daughter to be removed from the school. but the headteacher said there was no reason for him to do that assured me that my daughter has not got an attitude problem and my daughter is an asset to the school.
But I feel the headteacher isn't doing anything about it, he says he will monitor the situation and keep the girls apart.
But my daughter is not eating, she is white and miserable everyday. To be honest it is making me ill too, to see my daughter like this.
To make matters worse my duaghter also attends the same brownies and ballet class as this girl.
I have been on to the education authority and all they say without any physical proof they can't do anything.
How much longer can this go on for!!!!

Re: Bullying!

Hi Ang, It's awful when your child is being bullied. Ask to see the school's bullying policy (get a copy of it) and check out if the school is keeping to it. I would do everything to encourage your daughter to make new friends. Invite other girls to tea. Your daughter will feel much better if she feels that she does have some other people around her. Do everything to boast your daughter's confidence... Start recording any incidents in a diary, so that if it doesn't settle, you can talk dates and details ( and they won't be able to ignore you!!!) Are the girls in the same class? Is the teacher aware of the situation?
Good luck....

Re: Re: Bullying!

Both girls are in the same class and the teacher is aware of the situation. I asked for my daughter to change classes, but the school aren't prepared to do that as both girls share the same friends in both classes.
Since I wrote the first message things have now changed. I have had to withdraw my daughter from school, as she was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown and the little girl has now taken all my daughters friends away. I am in the process of writing to the Governors of the school and I will be getting a complaints form from the school. I'am also having to change my daughters ballet and brownies class so my daughter can start a fresh.As for school, I have no idea whats going to happen.
I was told by doing this, the othergirl thinks she has won!! But I had no choice, I have to put my daughter first.

Re: Re: Re: Bullying!

I was touched by your story, my daughter is in a similar situation - she is seven. I am considering changing her school. Has changing schools helped your daughter? I know this means the bully wins but sometimes you have to run away to be able to fight another day.