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out of control 3yr old

i cant control my three year old daughter. its been going on for about a year now but its getting worse and worse to the point i dread getting up in the morning and picking her up from nursery. everything has to revolve around her she wont let anybody do anythin it all has to be done by me. she has hysterical screaming episodes without fail everyday atleast twice a day, shes always shouting at people and constantly throwing orders at people. i cant take much more and ive got a two year old aswel and its not fair on him.

Re: out of control 3yr old

i tried the sticker method for good behaviour and it worked, i also tried the little spank on the leg and removing her favourite toy for a while and that worked too. although i prefer not to shout but i go crazy at times as i had the same exact problem, i think i gave my 3 year old too much of a choice and now i have created a demanding must mean no even if it ruins the whole day and she spends it in her room. let me know what u think and if u try it.

Re: Re: out of control 3yr old

Mmmmm, I've got one of these too! Not quite as bad as your daughter but wears me out some days, drives his dad up the wall, we've got a real battle of wills going on there ;)

I have thought about the reward stickers myself, might just give it a go. Agree that NO has to mean NO, DS is getting sent to his bedroom more and more often....(naughty corner no good).

I remember my ds1 being a bit of a tyrant too, was worse in some ways, but I think we have been a bit more laid back with this one, god in some respects but not in others. I do think it's a phase though, to a certain extent -the I'm the Lord and Master of the Universe complex they seem to get at this age!- and my older son has nearly completely got over it, (he's nearly five) but they do need reminding who is boss, and it defintitely isn't junior or juniorette!!

Good luck :)

Amanda xxx