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Paddys and answering back!!


My daughter is 7 years old, and her father and myself have been seperated since she was 3 years old, I am remarried and her father is in a relationship and has a new baby. My daughter has always been prone to the odd tantrum, but lately her behaviour has deteriorated, she seems to paddy daily, but when she does she genuinly gets very upset, she seems to argue/answer back about everything from trying on new clothes to getting bathed, to homework etc, even fun things like bike rides, she'll say she doesnt want to go, have a massive tantrum, get really upset, then decide she does want to go, I am at the end of my tether, she is upstairs as I am typing this showing off over homework, and trying on a new top I bought her, I threaten to take away treats tv, chocolate etc, but she doesnt seem to care, I really need some advice?? Thanks

Re: Paddys and answering back!!

I know it sounds horrid but your daughter sounds like she crying out for attention and feels left out. Especially if there is a new baby! I have been in a similar situation as you and come out the other side. Give your daughter quality time with you on your own and also get her dad to have the same. Because in her world you are mum and dad and she wants it all back to normal with no step parents etc.
Try a reward chart and praise her for the good behaviour, but also ignore the tantrums.
Give it time and it will get better believe me