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my 15 yr threatens to move out !

My 15 year old son called Jamie threatens to move to his aunties (his mothers side), let me give you some backround information, he hasn't spoke to his mother in about 4 years, she is/was a terrible parent and has had 3 kids with diffrent men and all the kids she has had now live with their fathers, now back to Jamie he has been very bad shall we say at school, he got caught bunking school, and is way behind on his coursework, unfortunatley i cannot afford to keep him so 3 times a week he goes to his nans house, she is very stricked and he is of age now were all he wants to do is go out with friends and have fun which is fine but he's come home drunk a few times he just dosen't even try to hide it he dosen't have a care in the world when he's grounded he just goes out anyway i just cant control him so now it has come to the point were he has to stay at his nans house till january (she lives in the countryside) no weekends with his friends and then he said he's moving out i dont kno what to do.

all help apreciated