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Re: Defiant 7 yr Old Son!

Hi Linda, Is it an attention thing do u think?? Wots he like while out and in skool??

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I'm really struggling with my 7yr old at the moment! He's always been quite a difficult boy but seems to be gettng worse. From the minute he wakes up in the morning he's so difficult; he argues with me non stop, he won't do as he's told, he doesn't listen to a word I say and will keep on asking the same questions over and over, he's rudde to me and others and very defiant. I feel so drained by it all and it's now getting to the point where I dread getting up the mornings because I know what I'm about to face. I'm sure it's just an age thing but I need to know how to deal with it; I seem to spend my day getting cross with him. I've tried taking away rewards, sending him to his room, all the usual things, sitting down and talking to him but nothing seems to make any difference. Sadly now because I expect him to be difficult I'm building myself up ready for an argurment. All I want is a bit of harmony and happiness. I don't want to spend my days being cross with him. Any advise would be very greatly appreciated as I'm exhausted.

Re: Re: Defiant 7 yr Old Son!

Sorry for late reply...been busy battling! Not sure it is an attention thing; I think my son is just going through a difficult stage, pushing his boundaries and maybe maturing a little!

Re: Defiant 7 yr Old Son!

Parenting a strong willed child is very different to parenting other children . It can be exhausting. My youngest is fairly strong willed and I had to learn to pick my battles. I had to decide what was important to me and the family and only fight those battles. The less important stuff had to go by the wayside, otherside the whole day would be a battle. I then had to win the battles I had decided were important so that my daughter learned where the boundaries were.
Don't worry about the other stuff.... leave that to parents of more compliant children. It just isn't worth it....

Re: Defiant 7 yr Old Son!

I really understand how you i am going through the same as you with my 5 year old son, its a constant battle. It makes you feel that you have somehow failed. I dont know what to do either. Its hard to ask for help

Re: Re: Defiant 7 yr Old Son!

Hi Irene, Please please dont sit there and not ask for help-My daughter is now 9 and its been a battle since the day she went to skool-I'm at end of tether and if I didn't have my family and support from skool-think I would have had a nervy!!!