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Re: Tooth Fairy

I was pretty upset when I found out about Santa, too. But my parents were awesome. They explained how Santa was more a thought or a feeling and a love than a human being. How you chose to be Santa to someone, like a secret santa or as a parent, because you love and care for that person and you want to do something nice for them. That santa wasn't necessarily a physical person but that maybe he kind of lived in us. He was generosity. I hope that helps. It made me feel better and it made me see that "Santa" does live in a lot of people.

Re: Re: Tooth Fairy

Why do you need to tell her yet?
My daughter who is 9 yrs old and still believes, its nice to keep the dream alive for a few yrs yet.

Re: Re: Re: Tooth Fairy

She has had a few situations at school where other kids have mentioned there not being a tooth fairy. I have been able to answer these questions as what the other child's parent said was not specific to there being or not being a fairy, just they would have to decide how much their child would get from the fairy.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tooth Fairy

Stick to your story Phyllis...half the fun is the bit where they sort of know its not all true but mum and dad are too stoopid to have worked it out. I told my 11 yr old if she didnt' believe the tooth fairy wouldn't leave her any money...made it worth while her playing along and keeps the fun of it going.