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Out of control 2 year old.

How do i get my 2 year old to stop hitting people? I've tried hitting him back, I've tried time out, I've tried talking to him in a loving calm manner, I've tried putting him in a separate room so as to not give him any attention, I've tried yelling at him in a scary manner. I don't know what else to do. I babysit my neice who is also 2 and he beats her up all the time. I almost want to tell her mother to find another sitter because I feel so bad for the little girl. He's always having temper tantrums and throwing himself on the floor. He screams out of control like someone is hurting him even when no one is near him. I'm so stressed out by him. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you.

Re: Out of control 2 year old.

You need to be more consistent in your approach, atm he doesn't know what response your going to give as you've changed it so many times and thats half the game. He's not being naughty in any way, perfectly normal to tantrum and hit out at 2, but he isn't getting the right kind of guidance to help him learn better ways of expressing himself. Once he is certain that you will give the same response each time, regardless of how he responds to it, it will take effect. Quiet and calm responses are always most effective, any child will enjoy knowing he can trigger a drama so use ignoring or a naughty step rather than yelling or hitting him back, save the dramatics for when he's succesful.