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My step daughter

Help, I consider my self a good MUm, I have two really well behaved intellegent girls who know right from wrong, but who are fun and can be loud at times. The one that sits in the middle at six is my partners she's not with us all thew time and her mum is very strict, but I'm past myself. I have loved negotiated told off sent to her room, and still sorry means nothing she continues to lie, snatch, behave very badly at the table, scream, throw tantrums say naughty words never concentrate not pay attention or do as she is told go back on her promises run riot basically. and demand and demand and demand. she will be nothing but first and will hurt my kids in order to be there she will scream if she doesn't get her own wayy and will cry speak so no one can understand her if she doesn't like what's going on. I have tried to minimise crisis points but even the simple task of putting her shoes on creates a screaming match from her. In my parents day she'd have been given a good clip, but I haven't raised my hand to her, but it's getting to the point where none of us want her especially her dad. What can I do?

Re: My step daughter

Why is it you doing the tellings off etc, surely thats her dads responsibility?

Re: Re: My step daughter

To be honest I think your step daughter is feeling left out and maybe jealous, because her father lives with 2 more children, in her eyes she feels her father has replaced her.
Does her father have quality time alone with his daughter?
Also what do your daughters think of there step sister?
I know this is harsh, but my 3 daughters have been through the feelings of jealousy, angry, left out etc!!
But deep down all they wanted was to be loved and feel secure have lots of quality time.