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child support

i just want some advice really. my daughter is 11 years old and has never seen her dad and i havnt had a penny for her. when she was 2 years old i met someone had a child and my daughter only new the partner i was with which she called dad. since then hes treated her just as his own but then we seperated.
since then she still sees my ex and he still treats her as one of his.
now hes stating that he will have to pay for his son aswell as my daughter which im not sure that is true.
we never married so he dosnt have to pay for her as shes not biologacly his.

Re: child support

Your best bet is to ring the CSA and get it from them but unless he legally adopted her he isn't responsible for child support, her father still is.

Re: Re: child support

Your Ex only has to pay for his biological child, not step children.
Your lucky, My Ex hasn't paid a penny for our 3 girls, he said he can't afford as he had 3 more children!! Yet he still wants contact when he feels like it.