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bad behaviour!!

Hi, i'm new to this, i'm looking for help, advice, anything to show me i'm not the only person going through this with my 4 year old boy. Recently at nursery his behaviour has got really bad, he hits, kicks and now worse of all bites other children especially is so called best friends! I've tried reasoning, removing favourite toys, naughty step, everything. He is always very upset when i talk about it very apologetic and promises never to do it again, but i pick him up from nursery and it's the same story again. Today i really lost it with him and when we got home i put all his toys in a black bag and told him i was throwing them away, i also took his bike, a fave thing, and put it in the car telling him i was taking it back to the shop. I also told him very cruelley that santa would never visit again and he would have no friends and he was a bully!! I know this was totally over the top, but i'm so angry with him, i couldn't stop the words coming out. I feel very guilty but also think he needs some kind of consequence to his actions and telling him not to bite or do something isn't working. He very is normally a lovely boy and starts school in sept, but i'm worried hes turning into a bully or has something wrong with him. Help! Please tell i'm not a bad parent, or maybe i am?

Re: bad behaviour!!

Does he do this at home? If not then why punish him at home for it? In fact why stress over it at all, if he's fine at home go back to enjoying your time with him. Put all his toys back, wipe the slate clean and start again...guilts no use in resolving problems.

He's not a bully, he simply hasn't learnt better ways to comminucate his feelings yet...and he's a boy, boys kick, hit, shout, spit...etc etc, its NORMAL. Worry when he sits quietly and doesn't react to anything.

What do nursery do about it? They need to be the ones handing out consequences and your part is supporting them in doing so. You probably need to go in and speak to them about it and work out a plan your all happy with