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middle child syndrome

Myself and my wife have 3 kids,6yr girl, 4yr boy and 1.5yrs toddler(boy). The girl and baby boy both have very happy, bubbly personalities but my middle son is very hard to deal with.He has tantrums and screams and gets very stubborn when asked to do or stop something..He screams and bites and has started to spit, this is only at home. We have tried strict discipline to gentle chats, from the bold step to now being sent to his room for longer periods. After the situation and himself have calmed down he is very very apologetic but will probably do something similar the next day and start the whole thing off again.First we thought it was a "boy" thing, then thought was it due to the new baby after him but are now at a loss at why and what to do.
I do believe a lot of the behaviour is for attention, good or bad, and that he backs himself into a corner and due to being quite stubborn makes things worse.
We always try to include him and make him part of anything, but he would say no and then be angry later due to missing out.
Any help?