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8year old steeling food

Hi, I have an 8-year old son who is steeling food at bedtime being very sneaky in doing this and eating food to the extreme. Last week he took 3 cheesecakes from the fridge and I told him off and explained that he had deprived his mum, dad and sister of dessert and so he would not be allowed a dessert for the next 5 evenings and as punishment we told he to write lines "i must not take food without asking". He assured me he had learnt his lesson but last night he took a whole packet of giant cookies and eat them all (at least 5) and hid the wrapper. I am now not sure how to punish him. Should I just not say anything and lock away all sweet foods so he can't take them as if I keep punishing him I am giving him attention for bad behaviour. I'm not sure how to deal with it. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.