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my 7yr old trouble with communication.

my 7yr old daughter, finds it hard to make friends at school, she has been bullied by her class mates for having red hair in the past, she feels that she isnt good enough to be allowed to join in, although she asks, but then gets pushed aside, so she finds it easier to walk round the playground on her own. i have found that communication or fighting her corner is a struggle for her. she is growing up without any siblings in her age bracket, as brother and sister are 18 and 20. not sure how to help her fit in. she has said today after going to her dance school disco, that she doesnt fit in. i have observed her with the other girls in out of school activities, and it is heart breaking, she isnt chatty, the times that she has asked if she can join in, they have said no.she waits to be asked to play. back in year one and begging of yr 2,their was a group of class mates that stopped her playing with anyone, they told her it was there secret, and if she tells they would get there parents on to her. i am at a loss of what to do to help her, we have been thinking of changing schools but we feel that there are bullys everywhere. can anyone help.if you read this message please put a reply no matter how small. thanks. accademicaly she is doin great, there is no problem with her learning, she is an avid reader, and enjoys almost everything,

Re: my 7yr old trouble with communication.

Some kids just don't make freinds until there older. My own daughter was a loner at that age and got bullied, I don't think they are loners BECAUSE they are bullied, I expect its the other way round, that they are naturally happy in their own company but society teaches kids they need to be popular so they become a target.

Keep going into the school, they need to do more to stop it, but don't make an issue out of her having no freinds atm (would you really want her to be popular with kids that bully?) let her be ok with that. After school clubs are good, a totally different atmosphere to school, easier for them to get bullies out, and some (karate, judo for example) don't need her to be anyones best freind to get enjoyment out of them and will boost her confidence.

A change of schools might do her good, yes, bullies everywhere but that doesn't mean they'd pick on your daughter and some schools are better at supporting kids that are being bullied. I did it a year ago and its made a huge difference.

Re: my 7yr old trouble with communication.

thanks for your reply its just nice to share it with someone thats not emotionaly involved. We have decide not to change schools at the moment as in sept she is having a teacher back in her class that she is very close to,  she is allready doin ballet and tap twice a week and swimming lessons, she also does piano, we would get her into judo, we will look into some kind of mind and body class, but she only has 3 days out of seven to play with her toys. cheers for your advice. will check with you again another time thankyou again,