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puting a toddler to sleep

Recently my 1 1/2 yr old son has developed a new habbit. He goes to bed with a cup of milk. Once I lay him down I hear it being thrown. After a couple of minutes of letting him cry I go back in to give it to him. He lays back down fast I give it to him and we repeat the cycle. It doesn't matter how tired he is, he'll do it most of the time. It's been going on for about 2-3 weeks now. I get fustriated and Daddy goes in there and has to rub his back to get him to sleep. We've never had a problem with him going to sleep. I don't want to make this a habbit for him, although it seems to be getting there!!!

Re: puting a toddler to sleep

Don't give him the cup...if he needs a drink do it before he goes to bed. He's playing a good old game of get mum and dad wrapped round my little finger and winning hands down

Re: puting a toddler to sleep

Why don't you try getting your toddler to drink the milk whilst you read a story and then when you leave the room it's lights out with no distraction. If he/she has not finished the milk by the time you have read the story then it is obviously not needed and is removed when you leave.

Re: puting a toddler to sleep

Hi Heather,

I totally agree with Ellie on this one. Your son is really young so there is a chance this can be nipped in the bud. My son is 4 this month and once he's in bed all he does is call after me and his dad. We give him a kiss and a cuddle and that's it. After about 5 minutes of calling us he gets fed up and goes to sleep.

Good luck.