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my 6 year old

please could somebody help me with my 6 year old. Ever since he was 3 he has benn hyperactive he always wants to be in charge will not be told anything as he knows better forgets that he has done anything wrong has no remorse for being bad . At school he takes charge of the class will not do group activities as he wants to be the one in charge will be in a mood if not picked for anythink well i could go on and on i just am worn out as an older mother {46} i feel i am failing as my other 2 children were no problem please i need advise asap

Re: my 6 year old


It might be totally irrelevant, but my daughter (2) was diagnosed with a milk intolerance in Feb and since then I've been speaking to lots of help groups and what comes out is that this milk intollerance can effect behaviour in children especially those of your sons age. One of thhe mothers at my sons (5) school has just found out that the cause of her sons violent outbursts is this milk intolerance. She's cut it out of his diet and he is now a different child.

It might be worth seeing your doctor to see if it could be food related?

Good luck x

Re: my 6 year old

i changed my sons milk to goats milk, and it worked. he is now 18. if you feel he wont try it, then wash out a empty cows milk bottle and fill with goats. and don't mention it, if he says the milk tastes funny make up an exscuse, that maybe the cow had an off day. its best tryed for nat least a week, but good luck