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I need some advice please - my aggresive 15 month old daughter

Hi I really need some advice please. My 15 month old daughter has recently become very aggresive and demanding. She has been at nursery for only the two days a week since she was 10 months but she is still finding it very difficult to settle. She often gets very upset when her key worker hasn't got her on her lap/hip or when she leaves the room which is the same for me at home. She gets ever so distressed and takes a little while to calm down when I re-enter the room. She is ever such a happy baby though as long as she has everything she wants!! Trying to take something off of her that she is not supposed to have is like the end of the world. She has also really started to bite very hard when she is angry & frustrated and this frustration has now started being let out with hitting me or any other child at playgroups. There just seems to be no calm time with sitting reading books looking at pictures etc it seems like she is hyperactive all the time. I really could do with with some advice on maybe how to curb these actions pleeeeeease.