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My seven year old cries at the slightest thing

My seven year old daughter seems to get emotionally distraught at the slightest thing. Today she was crying heavily because she couldn't get the remote to work and saying things like 'i don't like it when things don't work' whilst sobbing her heart out. Yesterday she was crying becuase something fell off a mask she made and she said ' i don't won't my life to be like this, where things get broken'. she's always been like this, quite emotionally, but the things she crys over seem to be getting more petty. I try not to pander to it, and say, it doesn't matter, it's not important and move on. The stupid thing is i know that she will get over it very quickly. She totally forgets about whatever it is within an hour, sometimes 5-10 mins.

Re: My seven year old cries at the slightest thing

By the way, in between these bouts she is a happy normally developing child who plays well with her sister and friends and has a happy mum and dad and home environment. she just over reacts to things that upset her!

Re: My seven year old cries at the slightest thing

It sounds like you are doing totally the right thing. My friend's son is a bitof a weeper.... that's just the way he is. He is better than he was (he's nearly 11) as he has learned strategies of where and when he can do this. As your daughter gets older, she'll probably have to learn not to do this at school etc. If your daughter isn't terribly upset about it (ie she gets over it quickly), then she probably no more upset than a child who doesn't cry. She just reacts differently. Don't worry about it.... don't make a big deal out of it.

Re: Re: My seven year old cries at the slightest thing

Hi ya,

My son is exactly the same, although he's 5. He's very caring and considerate little boy who worries about everything. But he will sob his heart out if he spells something wrong, or his sister turns the tv over. I guess some children just show their feelings differently. Its better than throwing a tantrum or hitting out!