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would you help me?

i have a son who is a brat and i cant stop him

oh and he also has toilet probs and is scared because he has a sore bottom

please just help me void(0);
void(0); from lilly

Re: would you help me?

How old is he and what does he do?

Re toilet issues: if he's little put vaseline on his bottom before he goes, if he's older get him to do it himself. Use creams inbetween and if it doesn't clear up take him to the doctors (it may be infected).

But give some more info on what he's doing thats upsetting you so much, much better to talk to someone than let it build up any further

Re: Re: would you help me?

thanks i used vaseline but im going to take him to the hospital because he said that his bits know hurt

yours sincerly
lilly void(0);

Re: Re: Re: would you help me?

sorry the smile didnt work well so heres the smiles

Re: would you help me?

what does he do that makes him a brat?

he does this

he yells and constantly smacks me andand he alwaysupsets my hamster because i breed them

yours sincerly

Re: would you help me?

Is he seeking your attention by yelling?

Re: Re: would you help me?


Re: would you help me?

He probably needs attention, not when he is being difficult, but when he is being good. Children want attention from adults and negative attention is better than nothing. How about trying to spend some time with him playing/ chatting/ having fun?

Re: Re: would you help me?

sorry but i am deeply pregnant and can only sit down

Re: would you help me?

Then play sitting down.... reading books... even watch dvd's with him. When I was pregnant, I had to lie down... you can play duplo etc on the floor etc....., cars etc etc