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Re: kids disrespect

I am new to this forum, and was wondering how you have been dealing with the 12 year old? Thanks.

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J and I have 4 kids between us, my children are 15 and 12, his are 12 and 10. My children live with us his come as much as 5x a week depending on if they want to come or not. Our problem is with the 12 year old boy, he takes fits everytime he doesn't get his own way, from what i have noticed it has been an on going thing since he was very little and he got away with it. Now that his parents aren't together he is playing one against the other. If he gets mad at Mom he comes to Dad's and if he gets mad at Dad he is verbally abusive and disrespectful. We have had a few incidents recently, a couple of weeks ago the kids were told that they couldn't come over on Saturday night because my kids wouldn't be there and we had plans to go out with a couple of friends for dinner. My daughter ended up not going to her fathers but she is still old enough to stay home alone for a few hours, well during the afternoon we went shopping got a call from his son yelling at his father that we are out shopping and that we had the kids with us, when his father explained that it was just my 15 year old he got ****** off hung up on his father and then turned his phone off. The next day he got mad at his mother and called his father to come get him, which he did. I told him i would have told him no. The next incident we took all four kids to a baseball game and when it was over his son insisted that his father take him fishing and his father told him no because we didn't have any gear with us nor did any of us have licenses, well he took a fit at the ball field called his father alot of names and said he was staying with his mother. So we left him there, and she got mad because she had plans and had to cancel them. Then the other night he got mad at his mother and she just dropped him off to us because she couldn't handle his fit he was taking. Then last night he took a fit at his father on the phone and called him a lousy father and a looser and all kinds of names then hung up and turned off the phone. How can we fix this? I never had problems like this with my kids and i feel like a fish out of water. Can anyone give us advise????