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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Help. My daughter keeps messing her knickers

"Most people will think it is odd for a teenager to be in nappies and changed in public. More people will think it strange for the parents to think that its okay to do it."

At one time people thought it wrong for women to have a say, people not of the majority ethnic background to have a vote and people with disabilities to be seen in public. Thankfully things have changed.

Personally I think it's society (yourself included) that needs to have a bit of acceptance for things that are outside the normal comfort zone especially since these things can't really hurt.

If Jackies daughters future partner doesn't like the idea that she needed/used/uses continance protection then I would say both of them would need to think about what they love and like about each other rather than worrying about what someone else might think.

Re: Help. My daughter keeps messing her knickers

I don't know why some people get so worked up over this. It's just a diaper. What is the difference between seeing a 2 year old girl getting her diaper changed and a 14 year old getting her diaper changed?
Is it really that bad that she didn't start potty training until she was 15? Is it so horrible I had a 15 year old wearing Pull Ups, reminding when to go potty, and changing when she had an accident? I mean, hey, she's 16 now, still has accidents. She wears special cotten panties during the day incase she has a small accident, and at bed time, she still wears Pull Ups. I still change her in the morning too.
Is the world coming to an end because of this? I don't think so. I think some people are getting worked up over nothing though.

Re: Help. My daughter keeps messing her knickers

Jackie, is there a reason why she can't change herself in the morning? I don't think anyone has a problem with a teenager having continence problems, I think it is you changing her that people find unusual. My 11 year old isn't incontinent, but does have periods, she sorts herself out. I don't touch her sanitary towels and she wouldn't want me to do that. I think encouraging our children to develop independence is an important part of parenting and my daughter taking care of matters like this is an important part of growing up. I understand that children develop at different rates but at 16 very few children couldn't take a pair of pull-ups off and shower themselves. It is part of growing up that children begin to want to have their own privacy. Of course I used to bathe and wash my daughter and now she does it herself. She would hate the idea of people seeing her half naked if I changed her in a shopping mall. If your daughter needs pull-ups at night... fine ... that's not an issue to me. But surely an intelligent A grade student that your daughter appears to be can manage to change herself?