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my sons is bullying

I am a bit stuck, my five year old son is hurting children at school, he has only been at school since september and he has already been sent to the headmasters office for hurting children. I have been told that he is a very bright boy and is a very quick learner, and in most ways i could not want anything more, He always says please and thank you, he always goes straight to bed when he is asked, genarally a nice loving little boy, Its just his aggresion, i dont know how to deal with it i have tried loads of things to stop it but he is still hurting other children and he grits his teeth and kicks the doors and things whenever i try to talk to him about it. i would really be very grateful for any advice anyone could give me as i really dont want him growing up to be the school bully, Plase help me!

Re: my sons is bullying

There is something else going on. There is a reason for the aggresion-- find the real reason behind it. Someone may be hurting him. I am not trying to be an alamist but this is the first thing that has come to my mind. I only hope that I am wrong.

Re: Re: my sons is bullying

thanks for the reply, i am going through meetings with the teachers at the moment to see if we can find out what is causing it, many thanks take care