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Step Mommy advice

Ive recently married a man with two children, both from different relationships. Were in the process of fighting for custody of the son (1), and at least 50/50 with the daughter (2). Hes getting deployed soon, so the court appointed attourney for the son is trying to work with myself and the sons mother for a once a week visitation for about an hour or so.
This child lives in a Battered womens shelter, with his mother and 3 other brothers with a sister on the way. Theres no sense of stability in his life as of yet. So anytime his mother, or his father leaves him alone, or if they are not within his sight he starts getting hysterical. Its starting to calm down a bit, but im afraid at these meetings when I have to deal with him on my own, and his mother has to leave the room, I'll have no way of consoling him.
I plan to bring his favorite toys, pictures of his Dad and big sister, or video, and munchies, and juice. Is there any advice anyone can give me as to how to handle that properly??
Greatly appreciated, my e-mail is, or you can just post here.