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Don't Talk to Frank

Government website is riddled with inaccuracies, inconsistancies and contradictions the void can exclusively reveal today.

The site, set up in a blaze of publicity, aims to be a user friendly guide to drugs aimed at young people. However with some parts of the website pure comedy, and others at times dangerously inaccurate it seems young people may not be getting the 'harm minimisation' advice they need.

The site contains an a-z of commonly used drugs as well as a limited amount of reports and a freephone/e-mail service whereby users can ask questions in confidence.

Starting with cannabis, Frank does do the decent thing and warns users off soapbar saying

"The most unpure Cannabis is called 'soap bar'. It's contaminated with all sorts of things. This makes it cheaper but it's a false economy really as it is often harder to get stoned. Some users hate it so much they object to smoking it."

A full ten points so far, however Frank then goes on to say "There is a minimal risk of physical dependence."

err - says who? well says Frank I guess. Neatly sidestepping the issue of skunk in the A - Z guide, on another page outlining the unproven dangers to mental health caused by cannabis use Frank says "the strongest type of cannabis (is) called sinsemilla (or 'skunk')"

Wrong again Frank, and frankly you should know better 'cos on the a-z you say that sensemilla is "bud grown in the absence of male plants and has no seeds" which is actually correct whereas skunk is generally a hybrid of different strains of Cannabis (Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa ).

On to mushies where Frank once again makes a hash of things (more at its kind of long :)

Re: Don't Talk to Frank

Don't take drugs is the best message.