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Please can you advise on how to overcome the problem of going to school she is 7 and was ok but now is a great problem taking her to school she creates such a fuss, crying and becoming hysterical not wonting her mother to leave her???

Re: grandaughter

Have you asked school if there is anything going on there to make her suddenly dislike school so much ? Or else has anything changed at home to make her clingy ? I would imagine if she used to be OK that there has been a trigger to change the situation. How are school dealing with it ?

Re: Re: grandaughter

The school are very helpful and doing every thing they can,it may be that because her self esteem is low and her abilities also are below par she does not like it as she is unable to keep up

Re: Re: Re: grandaughter

Well if self esteem is the problem that is what you need to work on that. Make sure you give her lots of praise when you can to make her feel valuable. Can you organise some after school tutoring to help her catch up. What does the school say about this?

Maybe she could do some outside school activity that she might be good at like sport or dancing.