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Re: i'm in a parenting class, and i was wondering if someone can answer a couple questions for me? (

1. How can Economic Conditions and Social Policies influence parenting?
1a.If a parent is poor, he/she will not live in a nice neighborhood that is safe, that child wont grow up running and playing on green grass, and all the +'s that come with having economically sound parents...
Perhaps a parent would have to work more hrs...and a child would be left alone more hrs of the day...the differences go on and on.

2. What are 4 factors to consider in readiness for parenting?
Ability to provide
Living situation
I would think there are more than 4; I guess your teacher is looking for text book answers that you should read about???

3. What are four factors that influence teen pregnancy? Again I would guess there are more than 4.

Social factors, family factors, peer pressure, relationship boundaries, how early are you allowed to date? Are her friends also teen parents? Was a sibling a teen parent? Is it socially acceptable in her family and circle of friends....?

4. What are three genetic diseases (I think there are more than 3)
Sickle cell

Hey Melissa....have a good time studying!