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Re: Explanation of my daughter


You don't have to justify yourself to ignorant people who refuse to look at the whole picture before makingsuch harsh judgements and assumptions. You did what you as a mother felt was right and your daughter was fine with it. I don't understand why people are going so hysterical over a bit of plastic. As long as it hasn't hurt your daughter's overall wellbeing, and it looks like it hasn't, you're fine and you've done well. Best wishes!

Re: Re: Explanation of my daughter

Jackie, I'm pleased to see you sought medical help for your daughter. If I was in that situation I'd probably be worried that my daughter would give the Doctor a demonstration of her problem in the surgery!!

I'm amazed you were able to change your daughter on the floor in the middle of stores like Walmart. Didn't members of staff ever try to stop you?

Re: Explanation of my daughter

i can understad a girl maybe 10 years old in diapers (changing herself) but your child is still a baby now, this is not right.