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Re: 10 1/2 yr daughter acting 15

My daughter is now 11 years 7 months. Her periods started at 10 years 2 months. It is very hard for girls when they are so young. She was the youngest in class and yet the first to start her periods. Most of her friends weren't anywhere near puberty. She was stroppy and could be very difficult. And she is also very jealous of her little sister who is 7. You are right, you can't change the way you behave to a younger sibling, just carry on loving the eldest one.
I don't know if you are in UK but if you are I imagine your child is changing schools next year. That's hard for the kids too... there is so much going on inside their bodies and then having to deal with SATS and a school change. My daughter drove me insane last summer but after a dodgy start at secondary school, she has calmed down a lot. Still get dodgy PMT weeks ( when I have PMT too) but in between she is sweetness and light. I suppose the hormones are levelling out after a year of periods. Also friends are beginning to catch up with her.. that must help her not to feel so odd. Just hang on in there. Your daughter hasn't got a clue how to feel with all those hormones rushing around but I'm hoping early entry into puberty means she'll be out of puberty early.