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toddler hell

im hoping someone can help. my daughter is 2 and if she doesnt get her own way she will cry none stop with screaming and kicking untill she gets what she wants most of the time its for me to play with her but i work fulltime i make a point to have our time but when cooking dinner or house work she will go made and she has to where shoes when i take them off she will scream but these can last for an hour maybe longer but by this time i have given in iv tried putting her in her cot till she stops but as soon as i get her out she starts again, Please help in what i should do.

Re: toddler hell

sounds like the terrible two's to me. I would suggest that you (pick your battles so to speak)I would let her wear the shoes if its going to cut down on her chaos, I mean if it doesnt really matter if shes wearing them or not, I would even let her wear them to bed if she wanted.
It seems to kids this age if its not a big deal to us (parents) then its not a big deal to them.
My sister is a big fan of the time charts, I dont know how effective they can be for a 2 YR. Old but try making a time chart that shows when you can play with her and when you cant, for example during cooking time and dinner time make up some icons that show what your doing and fun icons that represent when you can have play time... so she can see/learn when its your time and when its share time? I dunno good luck

Re: Re: toddler hell

Given that you are desperate the only thing I can suggest is to have a look at her diet. This is a great website if you want to look into dietary aspects. It might help as preservatives can exaggerate bad behaviour. A lot of parents have seen big improvements in behaviour by changing diet, I am one of them. In Australia there is a particularly bad preservative called 282 which prevents mould. I cut this out of my daughters diet with great results.

Give it a try it can't hurt but don't expect any changes for at least a week. Good luck