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Father coming out of prison

Hi everyone,
I am hoping for some advice for my best mate. Sorry if this messge goes on a bit!
We have been friends for about 4 years but she is a very private person & it takes a lot for her to talk about things.
She has a son who will be 5 next week. He is very hard work, swears, hits, shouts etc. At school he behaves well but a lot of the children wont play with him due to his previous outbursts. He can be lovely & is quite sensitive but has a lot of anger which seems to be directed at his Mum. She's tried the usual methods to try & control his behaivour but none of it seems to make much difference for long.
The boys father ahs been in Prison since before he was born. She has stayed in contact & made sure they visited whenever they could.
If she didn't have her son she would not have waited about for his release which is the week of his son's birthday but he has told her if they don't get together when he comes out he will not bother seeing his son again.
She needs some advice on preparing her son for his fathers release but doesn't know if he's going to stick around after he comes out.
Her son doesn't know his father is in Prison, he's been told that's 'where Daddy works' but in the village we live in EVERYONE knows!
Any help from people who have had similar experience of know of any help available to her please let me know.
Thanks all for your time,
Amy xx