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my 2 year old daughter is a nightmare please help

iv recently separated from my husband and my daughter was taking this well but in the last three weeks she is hurting younger children at the childminders and being nasty to all other kids. My childminder has been doing her job for 18yrs and said she has never seen a child of her age so angry, lately she spends most of her time in the naughty corner as she is being so bad, i make sure she spends time with myself and her dad she even sees us together we make sure we both play and spend time with her. Iv tried everything its so hard as when she is good she is the best child you could ask for but when she is bad...
I feel like when im with her all i do is tell her off.

Re: my 2 year old daughter is a nightmare please help

Hi there,

I think your child minder could perhaps use a different tactic in order to encourage your daughter to develop a better behaviour pattern. At 2 years of age your daughter really needs a great deal of support and love to get her through her anger and not be sent in to a naughty corner. It is highly unlikely that she understands her own anger or where it is coming from. I would be tempted to look for a new child minder as the one she has now is perhaps not able to handle this situation.

If this is not possible try to encourage your childminder use distraction techniques to handle your daughters temper before this behaviour escalates out of control. Good luck.