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Re: Re: Sons behaviour at school is untenable

Thanks for your reply. I also believe this is the case. I give him extra work at home, he has just started showing an interest in cursive and wrote his name in joined up writing today. The teachers at his school are hopeless. They tell me they do not have the time to teach one child just because he is bored and plays up. They have branded him as naughty and it seems now that they pick on everything he does. He was even accused of wetting on the floor yesterday and she said his socks would be wet with urine, but they weren't, and his pants were perfectly clean. He is sent to sit on the 'naughty chair' many times during the day because he won't join in with the younger children. Unfortunately the new headmaster is a wet weekend and he is totally unapproachable on the matter. We live in a rural area and there is no other school for miles. The teacher has told me she has written in his record that he is intolerent of children his own age and he is anti-social. This is very upsetting to us as he is a model child at home and if we go anywhere. I am at a loss